Kent Communications
IP Telephone with 24 Buttons, 6-Line Backlit LCD, Speakerphone, Self Labeling and Power over Ethernet (PoE), Black
Model# KX-NT366-B

Powerful Communication Features that Fit Your Budget.

Manage communication between multiple locations or remote employees with a system that delivers real value now and real flexibility for the future.

Improve productivity with consistent, reliable communication.

The Panasonic IP telephony solution integrates your remote employees and locations by giving them easy access to your corporation's central communication hub, letting them enjoy the feature-rich capabilities of their Panasonic Communications System.

Combine the power of your data network with the convenience of the business phone.

Because the Panasonic IP telephony system uses what's called Power-over-Ethernet, or PoE, you don't need a phone jack. You can move your office phones to any location you want simply by plugging into another data port-no new phone numbers or extensions are needed. That's a big plus for any business with an eye on growth.