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Dave Black, of Kent Communication Systems, has been performing magic for our agency for the past 6 years.   Everything from wiring our network and phone lines in the building to setting up and programming our phone/voice mail systems to making cords or helping us troubleshoot problems.  No job has been too large or too small.  He has always been there for us whenever we have called and continues that kind of customer service to this day.  I have highly recommended Kent Communication Systems to everyone I know who was in need of those types of services and will continue to do so.  I can’t imagine using anyone else.

Sandie York
Information Technology Director
Families First Health and Support Center
Portsmouth, NH

You Have Questions. We Have Answers!

  1. How do I change my main greeting on the Panasonic voice mail?  Press the voice mail button, when the voice mail answers dial #6, *998, enter your system password followed by the # sign. Choose option 5 to modify message,  option 3 to change a custom service menu.  Then you will be prompted “to enter a custom service menu number 1 through 100”,  normally custom service 1 is all that needs to be changed.
  1. How do I retrieve my messages remotely from my Panasonic voice mail?  Call your main phone number, when the voice mail answers, press #6, *### (where ### is your three digit mailbox number), followed by your password and the # sign.


  1. How do I set up a conference call on my Panasonic phone?  While on a call, press the CONF button.  This will automatically place that call on hold.  Now select another outside line and call the third party.  Once you have the third party on the line, press the CONF again and all three parties will be joined in the conference call.  You may have up to an 8 party conference call on the newer systems, providing you have enough lines.
  1. What are voice mail ports?  Voice mail systems typically refer to the number of ports they have.  Ports are the connections between the phone system and the voice mail system.  They are usually connected with extensions off the phone system.  What is important to remember is that the number of ports a voice mail has is the total number of calls it can process simultaneously.  If you have a four port voice mail, four users may be access it at the same time.  This includes both outside callers leaving messages as well as users retrieving messages.


  1. What does a system configured for 8x16 mean?  Most systems are configured on a line by extension basis.  So an 8x16 system would be configured for 8 outside lines and 16 extensions.  Normally systems expand by 4, 8, or 16 ports at a time.